Public Relations, or PR, is about building relationships and increasing your reputation in your targeted market. Most of us have a slight idea of what goes into PR and the benefits it offers businesses. PR is a way of earning people’s attention. The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as a ‘strategic communication process.’ Its goal is to build beneficial relationships between organizations and their audiences and potential customers. 

Public relations is about sharing the right information with the right places and people, building a brand or message, and improving an organization or person’s reputation. Public relations agencies work with organizations and help them to build their image or transmit a message in or beyond their industry. Through effective communications strategies, PR agencies promote their clients’ agendas. Being an active member of a community establishes your reliability. Great public relations means setting up ongoing relationships with many important influencers and knowing how your business may become a reputable data source for the most influential players in your industry. 


  1. Here are few of the common roles in the public relations sector 
  • Copywriter- A copywriter is responsible for writing publicity materials on behalf of different client according to their requirements. This can include everything from press releases to blog posts and is usually done by the PR team. In addition to writing different types of copy, copywriters are also responsible for maintaining a consistent brand voice and identity across multiple channels at the same time. 
  • PR Specialist- A PR specialist is responsible for generating positive press coverage for clients by developing relationships with journalists and coming up with relevant story pitches. Their pitches should resonate with the public as well as representing the client in a positive way. 
  • Spokesperson- The spokesperson is responsible for speaking with the public on behalf of the company. This role is generally part of an in-house communications or PR team and is tasked with handling interview requests, making TV appearances and responding to statements made about the client.
  1. Because of the wide-ranging situations in which public relations teams are employed, there are many different types of public relations. 
  • Media Relations- Media relations is all about dealing with the media – writing press releases, scheduling interviews and giving press conferences. The goal is to generate positive coverage of your company or your product – this is called earned media. Copywriters produce snappy, well-written press releases, while company spokespeople give quotes and statements to the press. In smaller organizations, one person may be responsible for all of these roles. 
  • Community Relations- Community relations can be used to garner local support for a project, such as building a new manufacturing plant or community garden, completing community service work that may improve a company’s ethical reputation, or changing the public’s mind about a proposed law or ordinance. 
  • Public Affairs- Public affairs is about making contacts with the government to advocate for certain issues. Public affairs professionals work to make connections with important people in and around governments, and put those people in contact with their clients to advocate for their clients’ goals.
  • Social Media- Companies use social media as a marketing tool and PR tool. It’s a place where your interactions with a single customer are visible to the whole world. A company can have major PR successes (and disasters) on social media. Social media can also be a very good place for honest public requests and apologies. 
  • Employee relations – Employee relations, or internal PR, helps organization leadership communicate with its employees, and helps employees communicate with each other. Employee relations work might include organizing employee events, creating internal newsletters and other communications, resolving disputes, liaising with unions, and helping line managers develop good relationships with their team. 

In addition to increasing your company’s authority and social profile, PR plays a vital role in the times of crisis. PR can help companies or individuals advance a clear message in times of crisis, or resolve disputes between parties. The most effective way to fix damages created by the competition, disgruntled customers or reviewers is through PR campaigns.

Visibility is another aspect of a company’s work in which public relations is very important. Public relations can improve customer experience and help consumers understand that they’re important to the company and you. PR campaigns can increase awareness of a brand while maintaining a positive and consumer-resonant image. These campaigns can increase demand for a product, and by leveraging their connections with influencers, PR agencies can gain trust for a company. 

In today’s digitally connected world, PR helps companies to create a strong online presence that is highly visible to their target audience. Social media can help carve out a client’s space in the vast online market. PR agencies provide businesses with support and guidance to help them market themselves online while being constantly ready to step in when a disaster occurs or something threatens to damage the image the company has been building. PR experts can identify the best channels and influencers to spread a company’s message to the right people, and they can use their experience and industry connections to maximize reach. This helps to build a very strong relationship between an organization and its supporters.

PR professionals are adept at handling a wide variety of both good and bad circumstances, and must address these events so the public and client can maintain a beneficial relationship. PR specialists also play a role in advising management on the best policy decisions or actions to take, and conducting programs, such as fundraising or networking events, to help the public understand the organization’s goals.